Strategic Plans
  1. Invest in player development for ALL levels of players and ages so they are challenged and enjoy the game more.
  2. Grow the game by expanding our reach into underserved markets and creating passionate, life-long fans of the game.
  3. Attract, Retain & Develop top coach talent for ALL levels of players and ages.
  4. Partner with a quality educational organization to create a "Residency Program" where we offer players the opportunity to balance academics with increasing levels of soccer training.
  5. Increase National Visibility for the benefit of ALL players regardless of age or ability.
  6. Deepen and expand relationships (BASC, MTsc, OSA, US Club, Other clubs,etc.) so that we create additional options for ALL players.
  7. Maintain and strengthen financial stability to ensure the club can deliver on it’s future commitments.
  8. Capitalize and strengthen brand for the benefit of today’s and tomorrow’s players.
  9. Build effective and efficient operating model so coaching staff can focus on what they do best -- coaching!
  10. Create and act on plan for complex development so ALL players have a professional training environment.