Why Specialized Training?

The idea behind this program was created after Levi played at high levels across the country and found that he was still learning many important aspects of his position. Aspects, that his peers from other countries and select states, had learned during their youth soccer days. Levi began having a few special training sessions with retired, accomplished forwards, learning the role of the position, learning proper technique, and hammering in repetition. As his talent and production increased at a rate much faster than ever, he could not help but feel that he was late in properly learning the position. As Levi was learning “new things” at 22, 23 years of age, he had many peers that were years into the repetition process of those “new things”. Levi realized the importance of developing good habits. The earlier the habits are taught, the sooner they become good habits. After several years of running the HappyFeet program for ages 2-6, a program unimaginable when Levi was a child, he has seen that, given the opportunity, kids can develop good habits at very young age. After moving back to the same city that he began his soccer career, Levi was very passionate about providing the next generation of soccer players the unique opportunity to receive specialized training from highly qualified coaches using a well-structured curriculum, to better prepare them to seize the new opportunities arising.


PTP offers professionally developed, age appropriate curriculum to help the youth soccer player accomplish 3 things:

  1. Knowledge- Understanding the game of soccer is vital to improving and mastering the game. We aim to not only help the player know the game of soccer but also understand the role of their position. If a player understands what is expected when playing a certain position, that player can become more productive in each training and each game. A simple example is when a Forward gets frustrated and wants the ball, they tend to drift back and eventually find themselves next to the right defender on their own team. Our program will teach the importance of the forward being available, higher up the field, and why. Knowledge of the position applies to all ages, where the youngest ages will learn the basics of that position and older ages will learn more tips and learn more in depth roles of each position, depending on formations.
  2. Technique- This involves creating the good habits. For younger ages, striking the ball properly, collecting the ball, skills and fakes, and 1v1 defending. For older ages, technique involves body positioning, and perfecting more complicated movements.
  3. Repetition- This ties the knowledge and technique together to master special skills. As with anything in life, the more you do of anything, the better you get. It is inevitable. The more you do something, the better you get, the more confident and comfortable you become.


  1. Forwards- This position was the driving force behind this Academy and will be run by Levi Coleman. This positional training will be 1 hour long for each age.
  1. Ages 8-10 --- will learn the basic and fundamental purpose of being a forward. They will be introduced to proper striking techniques, various ways to finish, and advanced skills to win 1v1 matchups. They will then receive a lot of repetitious work on the learned techniques and advanced skills so that they are extremely comfortable and confident goal scorers
  2. Ages 11-13 --- will begin to learn their role as a Forward in various formations as they become introduced to 11v11. Understanding what their role as forward is in different formations, the player is able to maximize their production as they will find themselves in the proper positions to score goals. We will continue to expand their “bag of tricks” to win 1v1’s. Especially as growth spurts are occurring at different times for kids this age, slower kids need to find ways to beat quicker defenders while smaller kids need to find an advantage to beat bigger kids. Establishing the ability to use skills to beat physical mismatches, creates confident players, during a critical time frame of a players development. As with each age group, repetition of learned skills will be vital to mastering it.
  3. Ages 14-18 --- As tactics become the foundation of soccer games at this age, we focus on teaching proper movements on and off the ball. We then combine repetitious work of mastering proper technique, movements, and finishing. We provide these players the opportunity of developing college level habits in high-school.


  1. Defense- This position will be led by Thomas Shannon. The positional training will be 1 hour long for each age group.
    1. Ages (8-10)- The focus for this age group will be general fundamentals for being a defender. They will be introduced to important defensive techniques (shape, stance, foot work) and general ball skills. The emphasis on these sessions will be repetition, 1v1, and becoming more comfortable with the techniques taught in the class.
    2. Ages (11-13)- Players will begin to understand the different defensive positions as they are introduced into the 11v11 game. Here we will also assess which position the player may be best suited for. We will continue to use repetition for 1v1 matchups and proper defensive techniques and stances as well as introduce a tactical element to defending in groups.
    3. Ages (14-18)- This is a critical age for understanding the tactical element of defending. We will focus on teams defending and attacking out of the back. As these elements of defending are introduced we will continue to do fundamental repetition work toward mastering the proper techniques defending. This class will provide high school players the ability to develop techniques and tactics that are used heavily at the college level.