Positional Training Program
Extra and specialized that compliments your normal club training
Begins March 14, 2014
Ages 8-16 B&G (Great Value at $25 per session or $100 for five sessions).  Space is limited to approx 10 per session.
Offered on Fridays and Sundays at All-Star  (Please reserve your slot based on the schedule below).
  • Advanced Sessions for Forwards and Defense are Fridays and Sundays at 5:00pm
  • Beginner Sessions for Forwards and Defense are Fridays and Sundays at 6:15pm
  • Advanced and Beginner Sessions for Midfield is Sundays at 7:30
Step 1:  Register; then Step 2: Reserve Your Slot(s)

A Brilliant Concept

Led by professional players Levi Coleman and Thomas Shannon

Approaches to the modern game are changing and there is increasing evidence that a focus on specialized training suited to the individual has provided tremendous benefits to those players.

Positional Training Program (PTP) is a soccer training program specializing in advanced training for specific positions. The program provides youth soccer players training sessions specializing in advanced development of their desired position, whether it may be Forward, Midfield, or Defense.

PTP offers professionally developed, age appropriate curriculum to help the youth soccer player accomplish 3 things:

  • Knowledge
  • Technique
  • Repetition