Training Guidelines

Without regular and proper practice, soccer skills and tactics cannot be mastered. It is impossible to expect that players master their skills only during their prescribed training sessions. Therefore, it is imperative that players set aside time at home to work on their individual technique and conditioning.  
We demand a tremendous time commitment from the TSC Hurricane coaches, and we expect our players to be willing to make the same commitment. We know that many of our players have other interests and demands on their time, but we believe it very important that you make every effort to have them attend each practice session and allot time at home to further refine their skills. They will need those refined skills if their team is to be competitive and if they are to continue their individual development. So please make every effort to arrange their schedules to allow time for soccer practice

TSC Hurricane practice schedules will vary according to the age group, season and upcoming events (i.e. State Cup, tournaments etc.). The times and days of your team’s practice will be set by the Head Coach based upon these factors. Generally, team training sessions will incorporate both individual technique and team tactics based upon the age group.


Important Training Session Tips 

  • It is imperative to come to practice sessions regularly. You cannot miss training sessions or practice poorly and expect to improve. If you have a problem attending a practice, give your coach a call, in advance, if possible
  • Pay attention to the coaches in practice
  • Do not distract others at practice (e.g., conversing with teammates while attempting a drill is distracting to others)
  • Practice at game speed (learning to do a skill in slow motion will not help in a game)
  • Bring water or sports drinks to replace lost fluids during the training session
  • Every player should bring a fully inflated ball to each training session.
  • Shinguards are mandatory at all training sessions.
  • Wear official training gear as outlined by the club/coach. 



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