U10-12 Development Expectations

Our club cooperatively guides young players through four stages that will fully prepare them for the next level:
1. Learning To Train (100% development focus) U6
2. Learning Style Of Play (100% development focus) U7-8
3. Refining Style Of Play (95% development focus, 5% winning focus) U9-10
4. Training To Compete (85% development focus, 15% winning focus) U11-12

U-12 Model


A finished product/player at the end of the U10-12 program should possess the following skills:


Love of the game

Creative Free Play is encouraged

An arsenal of dribbling moves, i.e. Cryuff, Maradonna, etc…

Confidence and competence of 1 vs. 1 attacking and defending

Shooting technique

Heading technique

Passing technique

Trapping technique

Mastery of juggling

Futsal play should be leveraged to emphasize and reinforce individual technique.

Focus in practice, practice isn’t for wasting time, players should learn professional habits (show up early,    wear proper training jerseys, shake coaches hand at end of practice, maximum effort, respect your  teammates, etc…)

Two-footed players = all skill work should be geared towards developing both feet

Small group tactics/awareness, 1 vs. 1 & 2 vs. 2 (max)