Player Development Model Overview
Creating Future Stars in the Game of Soccer and in Life.

TSC Hurricane will begin to make plans to enhance our programs to follow the US Soccer Player Development Model led by USSF Youth Technical Director, Claudio Reyna.  See US Soccer Player Development Summit Recap Video.

The club takes its role in the US Soccer player development seriously.  The curriculum is designed to improve development of players in the organized player base in the United States, concentrating on creating more organized, age-appropriate training sessions, developing coaching practices and creating an environment that is fun for the players. 

NOTICE the curriculum highly recommends more 7v7 and 9v9 formats which TSC Hurricane will begin implementing where appropriate in our Juniors and Player Development programs.

TSC Hurricane also follows a unique Vertical Development Philosophy which means coaches are matched to the ages where they provide the most value while also providing more development opportunities for the coaches.  Teams and players are matched with new coaches every few years which provides different challenges for the players as they get exposed to different techniques and coaching styles while progressing through the system.

We have also outlined the expectations or End Product measurements that we would expect to see at each stage of a player’s development.  (See left menu.)

Video Presentation of the Full Curriculum