Earn Your Team Money with Tulsa Athletics!!
Tulsa Athletics Offering Season Ticket Packages and Help Raise Money for Your Team!


TSC Hurricane is partnering with the Tulsa Athletics to help you raise money for your child’s club team!

Every season ticket your child sells The Tulsa Athletics will donate 20% of the amount sold!

10 Reserved season tickets ($50) sold, earns your team $100!!

Awesome prize for the team that sells the most tickets!

Purchase tickets and see full schedule

1.     Visit tulsa-athletics.com

2.     Click on Tickets in the upper left next to crest

3.     Pick your seat type

4.     Enter relevant information

5.     Don’t forget to include team name of seller  (Please indicate TSC Hurricane, Coach Name, gender and YEAR - Example:  "TSC Hurricane 01G Howe")

6.     Wait for email conformation

Bring soccer back to Tulsa.

Join the REVIVAL.