Teams Advance at State Cup
TSC Hurricane has teams advance in every age group.

In every division where the club participated, TSC Hurricane teams advanced to the semifinals and finals at the OSA State Cup last weekend.   We are proud of ALL of our teams who competed very well and displayed some amazing soccer skills while having to play in some wet conditions.  Due to Sunday afternoon cancellations, there are a few age groups where games still need to be played to determine bracket winners.  

Congratulations to the following teams that we know have advanced and we wish them all good luck in the semis and finals!!  Go TSC Hurricane!!  Take State!  State Cup Schedule/Results.

02B Griffiths - Finalists
02G Lewis - Finalists
01B Carreno - Semis
01G Howe - Semis
00B Elkington - Semis
00G Griffin - Semis
99B Bedwell - Semis
99G Rhein - Semis
98B Kitterman - Semis
98G - TBD Weather
97B Spears - Semis
97G Richardson - Semis
96B Bradford - Semis (TBD Weather)
96G - TBD Weather
U18 - TBD