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Academics and Elite Soccer Training All in ONE SCHOOL PROGRAM

TSA announced that it will partner with Epic Charter Schools starting with the 2014-15 Academic Year!

With our strong education partners and TSC Hurricane's commitment to player development, we've been able to SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE the cost for families!  For only $250/mo players can obtain a quality education AND elite soccer development ALL IN ONE PROGRAM!

The program will be limited based on space and proper student-to-faculty ratio.   TSA will also offer a signicant number of scholarships to those players that are ready to excel at higher levels.

TSC Hurricane has always tried to provide its players with every advantage and opportunity to realize their full potential. With the implementation of our new cutting edge program our members no longer have to choose between two passions!

The Tulsa Soccer Academy - Residency Program (TSA) provides a strong foundation for both academics and athletics. The student/ athletes of this premier soccer preparatory school will attend academic classes while adding soccer during every school day.  

Because of our excellent partnership with Riverfield Country Day School, all TSA students (whether they are enrolled in Riverfield or Epic Charter school) will attend their academic classes on the Riverfield campus.  TSC Hurricane will also be able to offer a significant number of scholarships for those players who are ready to excel at higher levels both academically and in soccer.  TSA has done extensive research to find the right charter school partner for our programs and are excited to be offering an excellent and accredited education option through Epic!  All students will be given a laptop and all course materials.

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Michael Nsien
Program Director
(918) 625-2150
Jim Tindell
Program Administrator
(918) 688-9071