Junior Development Program & Soccer City JDL
Creating future stars in the game of soccer and in life!

JUNIOR PLAYER REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! (Use the link on the left menu.)

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Soccer City Junior Development League (JDL). Games played at two of the finest soccer facilities in Oklahoma. Indian Springs Soccer Complex and Metro Tulsa Soccer Complex.  
JDL Club Partner Series Play Dates for 2014-15
9/6   NOKC @ TSCH
9/20-9/21 TSCH & NEOFC @ WSA
10/11-10/12 NEOFC & WSA @ TSCH
Spring 2015 Play Dates (subject to change and additions with new clubs)  JDL Schedule - Spring 2015.
2014-15 CSFL Play Dates   (U10-12 B&G Top Teams from each club)
Sept 13-14, 2014 - SSC and Rush @ SLSG
Nov 22-23, 2014 - SLSG and SSC @ TSCH
Mar 28-29, 2015 - TSCH & Rush @ SSC
May 16-17, 2015 - TSCH, SSC & SLSG @ Rush & PDP event*

*PDP Event - All clubs will then come together in Memphis for a "finals weekend" based on the results of the first 3 events.  The Final Weekend will also include the PDP event for all of the players selected by the CSFL scouts.

More About TSC Hurricane Juniors Program
Led by Directors of Player Development Matt Howe, John Crouch and Richard Beattie, TSC Hurricane will be implementing an exciting new innovative Junior Development Model that will emphasize quality training in small group formats.  The Junior Program will incorporate elements from the US Soccer Player Development Curriculum led by US Soccer Technical Director Claudio Reyna.  Player Development Model Videos.
The key concepts of the curriculum are designed to improve development of players in the organized player base in the United States. The curriculum concentrates on creating more organized, age-appropriate training sessions, developing coaches and coaching practices, and creating an environment that is fun for players.
The program is for ALL LEVELS OF PLAYERS in the U7-10 age groups who are interested in challenging themselves to develop to their next level. 
Please note:  To participate in the full experience of the Soccer City JDL you must be a member of TSC Hurricane. 
Matt Howe -  Director of Coaching - Juniors
Donny Carreno
Chelsea Hill
Juniors Registrar Administrator
The Soccer City JDL Format
Club-wide, age-specific group training sessions focused on certain themes with supplemental "team" training will be the central focus of the program.  Junior training teams will participated in regularly scheduled "league" games to provide an opportunity for the junior players to apply what they learn in a non-threatening or over "competitive" environment that is very prevalent across "Academy Leagues" today.   7v7, 8v8 and/or 9v9 will be used in the U8-10 age divisions (depending on age and level) and 4v4 in the U7s.
2015-16 Registration Fees
U7 - $80 per SEASON
U8 - $95 per SEASON
U9 - $195 per YEAR ($100 pro-rated for new players registering for Spring.)
U10 - $195 per YEAR ($100 pro-rated for new players registering for Spring.)
Registration fees include administration costs, insurance, scheduled "league" developmental games that will be age/level appropriate with other partner clubs inside or outside the Tulsa area.  The league games will utilize different formats like 4v4, 7v7 or 9v9 that are more optimal for proper player development at these ages.  All fees are non-refundable.
Monthly Club Fees
2015-16 Monthly Dues are $70/month and run 11 consecutive months, August - June.  ($40-$55 for U7s). This fee also covers fees for the maintenance, rental and operating costs (i.e. lights) for a high quality, well maintained training fields -- All-Star Training Center.  All fees are non-refundable.
Where do I sign up?
Registrations for the 2015-16 Seasonal Year are happening now!  Click here to register.  Registration checks can be sent to:  TSC Hurricane, PO Box 243, Jenks OK  74037.  Please note player name and age group/team on check
Where do the teams practice?  
All Juniors teams train at our professionally maintained and lighted All-Star Training Center (61st & HWY 169). 
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