Travel/Hotel/Per Diem


Tournaments are an excellent opportunity for teams to test themselves against out of state competition and in state competition they would not normally face during their teams league play. Tournaments also afford the opportunity for a team to bond and spend needed social time together. Teams are expected to participate in the main two club tournaments to help promote club unity, camaraderie, and the opportunity for club players, parents and coaches from various teams the chance to get to know each other better.  There will also be some other clubs that TSC Hurricane has established a relationship with where we will highly encourage teams to participate in their events.  Those will be communicated to all teams.

Oklahoma sanctioned tournaments are listed on the OSA Web site ( and out of state tournament information can be found on or Registration deadlines are usually a minimum of two months prior to the tournament date. There are usually championship playoffs for teams that are U 11 and older and participation awards (plaques, medals...) for U8-U10 aged players. Most tournaments have websites with tournament rules, regulations and registration forms.


With the changing small-sided format changes throughout the country it is often difficult for younger aged teams to always find tournaments that provide small-sided games format.  Make sure the tournament you are attending has the appropriate sized format for your team.


If your team is registered through OSA (Most of our Select Teams) and you are planning to participate in an out of state tournament, a permission to travel form must be completed and approved by OSA.   Complete details are available on or by Clicking Here.  For all US Club registered teams, there is NO need for travel permission.


A team representative (manager or coach) usually need to attend a team registration session the evening before a tournament. The representative must present an official stamped team roster signed (or stamped by the OSA), player pass cards, medical release forms, a copy of your coaches risk management card and permission to travel forms (for out of state tournaments). Also, some tournaments require the team representative attending this session to show a current risk management card (or coach’s/manager’s card). 


For out of town tournaments either the manager or another parent should organize hotel reservations using our program through TSC Hurricane’s official hotel brand - Marriott. (See below)  Some tournaments have hotel reservation requirements so check the tournament sites but our Marriott Account Executive still may be able to help you and we encourage you to still stay at a Marriott branded hotel.  The earlier you start, the more choice you have in terms of price and amenities. A hotel with breakfast included is very important as it is much easier for teams to get a critical light breakfast before their games.  


Coach Per Diem (applies to ALL coaches)


All inclusive of food, gas, etc.

League game day stipend for all games:  (OPL and Classic Leagues)

  • 50 to 150 miles (one-way) - $75.00 for a per day trip 
  • If it is a day league trip more than 150 miles then $100.00
  • No hotel accommodations

Tournament weekend stipend: (Includes league matches such as PLW, RPL, NPL, and USYS National League)

  • 50 to 150 miles $175.00 for the weekend, plus hotel accommodations. ($75.00 for a single day tournament)
  • 151 to 300 miles $200.00 for the weekend, plus hotel accommodations. ($300 if a 3-4 day event such as Plano Labor Day)
  • 301 to 600 miles $350.00 for the weekend, plus hotel accommodations

Coaches that take more than one team to the same event , the teams should SPLIT the cost of the per diem.

Teams are not required to pay airfare for a coach if the team travels 6 hours or less each way.  (Guideline is Memphis or St. Louis team is not required to pay airfare.)  However, if travel time is greater than 6 hours then team is expected to budget for coach’s airfare.  By the same token, teams should give consideration to a coach’s schedule, etc. and the cost of the airline ticket.  For example, it is reasonable and customary to pay for a coach airline ticket to St. Louis if the airline fee is value priced. Car rentals are also a reasonable expense that should be subsidized by the team when coaches are flying and there are logistical reasons for the coach to need transportation.


Marriott Partnership
Marriott as the official hotel brand of TSC Hurricane.  We highly encourage you to use our dedicated Marriott Account Executive, Catrina Barton, for all your team accommodations.  (She may even be able to help you with Stay-to-Play tournaments with Marriott branded hotels.)  Using her will make it easier for you, your team will receive discounted rates, coach comps, etc.  In addition, there is an ADDED BENEFIT to you as a Manager!!  As part of our new Marriott partnership, all team Managers will also have an opportunity to be enrolled in a special VIP program offering you 40% off your personal travel at all Marriott branded hotels worldwide!  See both attachments below for additional info and to enroll in the VIP.  Just our way of saying THANKS for being a great manager for your team and TSC Hurricane. (Note:  VIP is ONLY for TSC Hurricane Coaches/Managers!  Marriott will be reconciling against our lists to ensure you are a current TSCH Manager.)
Catrina Barton
TSC Hurricane Marriott Account Executive