Training Schedule Preference
Completed at Beginning of Each Seasonal Year (June)
  • All-Star Training Center - 2016/17

    For ALL Teams
  • New Training Schedule will start in August 2016. Reservations for training slots in June/July or outside "Core Training" hours (5:30-8:30pm M-Th) can be booked on first come basis using the All-Star Reservations link.

  • Please enter your 1st and 2nd choices for a training schedule. All teams must have at least one (1) Tues/Thurs choice and at least one (1) Mon/Wed choice. Only the time slots below are available. We will work hard to accommodate as many 1st choices as possible but there are no guarantees! The club will group teams/coaches based on the best possible player development scenario and manage coach conflicts.

  • Should be Empty: