College Resources
Useful Tools to Help with the Process

Many times parents and players are seeking information on the college soccer and recruitment process. They are not sure where to turn for information. There are so many questions to ask. When do I apply to College? How important are test scores? How do I contact a college coach? Do I need a video? What is the NCAA Clearinghouse? How do I begin the recruitment process?

It is very important to know that no one course is correct for everyone. Each school and coach may handle the process differently for their prospective student-athletes. But there are many things you need to know about the process before you begin. 

The club has put together a complete College Soccer Reference Guide (see left) complete with an outline of the process, reference tools, sample letters and important questions to ask.  The most valuable resource is your club coach.  Please ensure they are engaged in the process with you and that you are active and take personal responsibility in the process.  

You already play for the best club in Oklahoma so that is a great way to start!  Good luck and we’re here to help.

NCAA Rules Every Recruit Should Know
Q1.  When can a college coach first contact me?
Coaches can send you non-recruiting material (e.g. camp brochures and questionnaires) during your freshmen and sophomore year.  Recruiting material may be sent September 1 of your junior year.  Coaches can call you starting July 1 going into your senior year and can contact you by phone once per week thereafter. 


Q2.  When can I reach out to a college coach with an email or a phone call?

Prospects can call and email coaches without restriction.


Q3.  Can I use social media to enhance my recruiting efforts?

You can reach out to college coaches through social media, ask to be friended, but college coaches cannot reach out to you and send friend requests.


Q4.  When can a recruit make an on-campus visit?

A recruit can make unofficial visits to campuses at anytime and there is no limit to unofficial visits .  Official visits, visits in which all or a portion of the travel expenses (including airfare, food, and lodging) are paid by the college/university, are allowed after the first day of school in your senior year.  Prospects can make one official visit to each school and a total of five official visits prior to graduation.


Q5.  What makes me a recruited athlete?

You are classified a recruited athlete if a college initiates a telephone conversation more than one time.    


Q6.  How many times can a coach come and watch me play?

A college coach is allowed seven interactions (e.g., evaluations and contacts) per prospect during the course a prospect's high school academic calendar.  Evaluations are unlimited during summer and winter breaks.


Q7.  When can I receive notification of the scholarship offer?

Coaches are allowed to offer scholarships in writing starting the first school day of your senior year.  Scholarships may be verbally offered at anytime.


Q8.  Can I and or my parents talk with the coach before and/or after the event that the coach has just observed?

During the day(s) of competition, the coach cannot contact you prior to the game in which you are participating or after the game until you are released by your coach and departed the facility.

Consider attending the adidas Sam Shannon Showcase Collegiate Panel Seminar (exclusive for Sam Shannon Showcase participants or TSC Hurricane members) for more detailed guidance and direct contact with college coaches.  Visit our website for additional free resources to help you with the recruiting process.