Team Accounts
Bank Account
Each team should open a personal bank account using the Manager SSN and the Team Name as the Account Name (TSC Hurricane 99B Smith).  You can use any bank but we recommend using ONB Bank as they are familiar with our operation.   Note:  Team accounts are the sole responsibility of each team!  You should always have at least TWO people who are signers on the account and ensure there are proper checks and balances.  TSC Hurricane has no involvement or responsibility for any team account.
Collect Dues via Credit Card 
Team Managers can also set up a team account on Square Cash or Paypal which are easy methods for helping you collect dues from each of your parents.  You can send invoices, collect money and track payments all on-line!  Best of all, you can set it up using your existing team bank account and have the money deposited directly to your account!  
Intuit Payment Network (IPN)
This is the recommended system to use to pay the Team invoices.  It is easy to use and free to the Team.  The Manager or Treasurer can set up an account using the Team bank account number.  Please be advised that the bank account number can only be used ONCE.  So if your team had an IPN account last year using the same bank account, you need to get the login info from the previous Manager/Treasurer.  Intuit will soon release an App that can be used from your cell phone to make it even easier.  Go to
Questions regarding Invoices please contact Shannon McIntosh.