All-Star Training Center Policies

  • Fitness activity should be done in designated areas (NOT on the training fields!) if players are in cleats.  Fitness may be done on the training fields ONLY with running shows or flats.  Fitness areas will be labeled at the complex or use the space in between fields outside of fences.
  • After completion of your training, please ensure goals are moved to the YELLOW markers to avoid being on top of irrigation heads!
  • All players should wear official club training jerseys.
  • Please patronize the concession stands as they help in ensuring the restrooms remain operational, etc.
  • Parents are encouraged to visit the pizza restaurant during training sessions - they also serve your favorite beverages!
  • Please check tschurricane.com for field status updates due to inclement weather, etc.  Parents, coaches and players can sign up for text alerts for field status!
  • PARENTS should stay behind all fences (unless there is an emergency).  Coaches need to be focused with the players. Please talk to coaches either before or after training.
  • No alcoholic beverages at fields.
  • NO PETS allowed in the complex during practice or games.
  • No unattended children.
  • Please place litter in trashcans.
  • Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
    • Do not park in the handicap parking unless you have a sticker.
    • Do not park in the driveway,  grass or fence line by the large brown building by Fields 4-6 or you will be towed. 
    • Keep 1 slot on the read clear for emergency vehicles.
    • All Star is not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • Smoking allowed in designated areas only.
  • All Star is not responsible for theft or vandalism.  Keep valuables locked in your trunk or do not bring them to the park.
  • Players are not to dig holes with cleats on the fields.  It becomes a safety issue.  

  Any violations may cause teams/coaches to lose priviledges with NO refunds of field usage fees!