Are you interested in participating in all of the MLB excitement but don’t know where to begin? With our MLB wagering primer, we’ve got you covered. Check below and consider these as sports betting tips, especially for novice wagers out there.

Understanding Moneyline Bet

Baseball is a bet-on-the-money game. What exactly is a moneyline (ML) wager? A moneyline wager is essentially a wager on a team winning outright, or “straight-up (SU).”

Knowing Over / Under Bet

Betting on the over or under on the run score is as straightforward as it sounds: you’re betting on whether the total number of runs scored in the match will be greater than or less than the amount specified by the bookmaker. Over/under bets are normally even money and are essentially a coin toss.

In Vegas, it’s known as “the vig.” The “vig” is a fee you spend on the bookmaker when you place a wager. And that’s how sportsbooks profit on 50/50 wagers.

Learning the Run Line Bet

Unlike the NBA and NFL, which handicap players and increase competition for gamblers by using a “spread” of any number of points, MLB utilizes the “run line,” which is typically always fixed at 1.5 (to avoid a “push” or a tie), but can also be set at 1.