The umpires in baseball at all levels need to call more consistent strikes and be less pompous. They need to get younger football refs and train, pay and treat them like professionals. It would be wise for any sports gambler to take note of any ump or official that catches your eye negatively. Check if he’s working a game that you want to bet. Box scores usually name the officials and you can ask the leagues what crews are working what games.


You might want to reconsider that particular bet. Although I have never heard of a high ranking official being busted for throwing a game recently, it would be naïve to think that there is no possibility of it. The refs are human, too. There is a long list of players, ex-players, coaches and managers who have been involved in some degree in illegal sports gambling. The refs have, at times, been accused of conspiracies to promote better match ups for the TV networks. Of course the leagues and refs deny any bias or wrongdoing valuation.


Thou shalt not adulterate thy cards, cubes or coins. Thou shalt not falsely accuse thy dealer of cheating. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s gambling machine. This is true of all bookmaker markets, not just betting exchanges. Sometimes, the price a layer is willing to offer will surprise.