The good gamblers don’t just hope, they feel good about their bets, and make educated wagers. I would recommend reading a variety of newspapers and publications, but if your only going to read one and one only, then USA Today is one of the most complete. Being a national newspaper, it has less local bias and negativity. It carries news from Las Vegas with most of the betting lines. Future bets are generally not good bets.


The World Series winners from 2002 through 2006 (the Angels, Marlins, Red Sox, White Sox, and Cardinals) were surprises that not many people had predicted. Prior to the NFL’s 2006 season, many had predicted the Carolina Panthers to go to the Super Bowl. They didn’t’ even make the playoffs. Future odds are largely based on speculation and last year’s results. Each new season is different from the past and is risky to judge. If you live in an area with multiple colleges or pro teams, try to attend as many practices or team functions as you can.


Be around, check out how people act and what kind of character they have. This may seem difficult especially with the pro or bigger college programs but sometimes it is easier than you think. Walk or jog around the track where the team is practicing.