It can be set up in a foreign country such as Canada. You can post your lines with that answering service daily or more often, if you like. Your clients can phone in their wagers to that 800# after they listen to your lines. You can then call the 800# to find out what their wagers are. Bookie and client can then meet on settle-up day to either collect or pay accordingly. This way, even though the client and bookie both live in the same community technically, the gambling transaction takes place offshore.


The gambler/ bookie relationship is only indirectly linked. Of course you will have to pay for this service, with the cost depending on how elaborate a system you want. How your local authorities will view this is anybody’s guess, but this is how some established bookies do operate. Try to get one with an inside hallway so that it won’t be open for the public to see.


Some people have advocated acquiring a false identity. Apparently in some off-beat publications you can send away for false I.D.’s and Social Security numbers. To each his own, but my thinking on this is it would just get you into deeper trouble.