Remember, you must win 53% of the time if you want to make a profit. Remember, even the very best of the best 75 only win 60% of the time over the long haul. You might be good at this, you might not that’s a small margin. Start with a set bankroll and never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. One rule of thumb is to only bet 2% of your bankroll on every individual bet, i.e., if you start with $5,000 then 2% would be $100.


Only raise your bets when you are considerably ahead and never bet most or everything trying to get out of a hole. The best gamblers grind out the bookies over the long haul. Keep notes on your bets, review and learn from them. If you go to a casino, leave the ATM and credit cards at home. Don’t accept credit from the casino and watch what you drink.


Have a game plan and a clear head and you will fare much better. In general, if you want to slant your gambling one way or the other, slant it toward the underdog. Underdogs win in sports gambling about 60% of the time. At least when there is a point spread involved. This is a documented fact.