Play catch in the parking lot. Go have a drink where team members hang out. Observe things with your own two eyes. Sometimes a coach or player has a public persona that is different from his real one. As we have said, there are three ways to sports gamble legally in states such as Nevada and Oregon; somewhat legally over the internet with off-shore sports books; then illegally with an illegal bookmaker.


The cops don’t need to police the legal gambling in Nevada and Oregon, it’s policed by state gaming commissions and regulators. The cops don’t seem to be too interested in internet gambling. The internet is a hard place to enforce jurisdiction. The official rule in this country is that it is illegal to place a bet over a telephone wire, thus making internet gambling illegal. Though like hitch-hiking and j-walking, this rule is rarely enforced.


On the other side of the coin, don’t be put off in offering to lay an eventuality at a much shorter price than you think it should be. For example, they may actually lay a horse they think is going to win before the race, because they know that its running style will result in it trading at a bigger price in running this is called a lay-to-back by exchange users.