Meaning, for every $1 you bet on the Devils to sweep, you are trying to win $3. If the Flyers win even just one game they become the winning side of the bet. Sometimes you will see a puck or Canadian line. This is a combined moneyline and point spread. While this bet is still based on 100, it changes the bet from simple win or lose. If you want the Stars, you must bet $150 to try to win $100, but they can still lose by less than two goals to win the bet.


If you want the Devils, you bet $100 to try to win $130, but they have to win by two or more goals. You’re still betting moneyline money but now the game is handicapped by a point spread also. In essence, this contest is handicapped twice. There are future over/ unders ranging from the logical to the bizarre. You can bet on how many games a certain team will win in the regular season. If you think the Redwings will win more than 59 games, bet over.


If you think the Devils will win less than 65 games, bet under. Then there are the bizarre over/ unders such as how many penalty minutes a certain player will get. Or what the total attendance a team will get. Hockey is a cold sport that can be very hot. There are many games providing plenty of opportunity to the sports gambler.