This all adds up to more women players, spectators, coaches, sports fans and sport gamblers even female bookies. For anyone who is interested, it would seem to me that love and romance can be found on the common ground of sports gambling. Sporting events make for nice dates and what better way to raise the interest than having a stake in the outcome.


While in no way, shape or form does this discussion advocate or try to promote any illegal activity, you have to look at all of your options in life. Since most gamblers lose their money to bookies, why not join the more profitable side of sports gambling? If you love sports, have an entrepreneurial spirit, possess a good work ethic, and don’t mind a little danger, why not become a bookie? Well, you better think about it. Anytime you’re conducting an illegal business, bad things can happen.


You can get busted by the police and get fined or go to jail. You have to weigh all of the risk against the benefits if you want to become a bookie. If you want to become a bookie if you decide you want to become a bookie, you might as well become the best bookie you can be.