They like to talk about how much money they lost on this team or that. They like to gamble and be a player. Once you get the business established, be sure to give your customers individual numbers to identify themselves with and for your record keeping. It’s harder for the cops to trace any customers that way. Start the I.D. numbers in the hundreds and it will make your business appear larger and more powerful to your clients.


Never reveal how much money you’re making or how many clients you actually have. One thing you don’t want to do is mix any other illegal activity such as drugs or prostitution with your sports gambling operation. Don’t attract any unnecessary negative attention. Don’t drink to excess and do not keep any illegal substances or materials at your place of business.


Where would you set up shop to take bets? It depends on how big your book is. Ideally you want a place where there is regular traffic, such as a deli, bar, or barber shop. Customers could stop by or call at your set hours, placing bets without attracting too much attention. You could run this business out of a home office. There is a method where you as a bookie can set up an 800# phone answering service.