Some people look forward to the Super Bowl halftime show more than the game itself. It’s not a surprise that a lot of fans also want to bet on the halftime show.

However, US casinos are not allowed by law to offer halftime show bets. However, there are still ways to get competitive. Here’s how to bet on the halftime show of the Super Bowl for fun, with friends, or as a nice bet.

Getting into the Game: Ideas for Prop Bets

One of the best things about halftime show betting is how creative it is. You might want to think about these famous prop bets:

Type of Music and Artists

Is it going to be a rock show, a pop show, or a hip-hop battle? Are there going to be any surprise guests?

Choice of Song

Will their big hit be the first song they play? What old track might they play again? How many songs are going to be played all together?

Effects of Unique Extravaganza

Has something gone wrong with the wardrobe? How many times will the clothes be changed? Will the field be lit up by pyrotechnics?


Bear in mind that betting on halftime shows should be a fun and nice game. So bet on things that are likely to happen, enjoy the music, and hope that your favorite crazy guesses come true!