In addition to poker tables and online casinos, there is a third big player in the online gambling market – sports betting. There is no doubt that placing a bet on a match day in the Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League, or other tournaments brings a great deal of fun and excitement. Numerous football fans now grab their smartphones on a weekend and bet on their favorite team.

The sports betting market has developed significantly in recent years and now offers a huge variety. Much like in casinos that offer a huge choice of games to play, from slots to poker, sports betting bookmarkers are continuously making it more fun for the market too. Thanks to new features and bonus offer, placing bets has become even more exciting.

We now want to dedicate ourselves to the bonus offers and take a closer look at them. Every sports betting bonus has different properties that should definitely be checked before claiming. We now show why this is important.

The welcome bonus

Let’s start with the sports betting bonus for new customers, which is also often referred to as a welcome bonus. As a rule, this is a deposit bonus that doubles the first transaction on the newly created betting account. New sports betting fans can start with a significantly higher starting capital. In order to be able to find the best offer, a comparison portal should be used to help. All bonus offers can be compared here so that the best offer can be found quickly.

In addition, the betting market has two other bonus promotions – risk-free betting and a no-deposit bonus. While the deposit bonus will certainly be familiar to most readers, let’s take a closer look at the two alternatives.

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A risk-free bet offers great opportunities

Risk-free betting goes by many names. Some betting providers also offer it as a free bet or free bet. Basically, however, there are hardly any differences to be discovered here, since each designation boils down to the fact that there is no risk of loss for the player.

The risk-free sports bet as a new customer bonus offers a great opportunity. Since you are not betting with your own credit, you can take a lot more risk when choosing a sports bet. If, for example, a high rate is hit, you clear up a lot right from the start, and in most cases, you don’t even have to meet bonus conditions before a payout can be initiated.

No Deposit Bonus: The rarest but most popular offer

A no deposit bonus is probably the most popular offer in the sports betting market. As a newly registered sport betting fan, you receive your bonus balance without having to pay a single cent into your betting account and can start betting on sports.

Only very few bookmakers have such an offer ready since the risk lies exclusively on the side of the betting portal. Nevertheless, there are occasional bonus promotions to be found. The question of whether credit won can be paid out can be answered with a “yes”. If all conditions are implemented, the profit can be paid out.