Being new in the world of sports betting, it might be a slow process for you to expand out the meaning of those terms being used. So, to have you covered on all of these things, here are some terms in sports betting that you should need to know.

Sports Betting Terminologies

Come and discover what are those before placing those bets on!


  • Contains some set of bets in a single wager which seems to be similar to that of a parlay.


  • A betting strategy that requires the placement of a wager into all the possible results of an event. This basically entails a guaranteed profit no matter who the winners are.


  • This is a term for a “European wager” which operates similarly to a round-robin wager found in the US.


  • The total amount of bet that a wager should place into


  • This is a common and best way to provide incentives to bettors who use a particular sportsbook.


  • A term used to connote the event’s favorite. This can either be a player or a whole team and is usually expected as a winner on a large scale.


  • It is the agreement of the team into a bet or on an available line on a game.