You’re ready to dive into sports betting, right? FanDuel, a betting giant, is offering a $150 bonus on your first wager! This detailed tutorial will help you start your FanDuel adventure and understand this tempting promotion. So, what’s up?

FanDuel’s new user promo is straightforward and substantial. Simply register, deposit $10, and bet $5 on your first bet. Bonus bets worth $150 will be added to your account if your initial wager wins! You can use this free cash at any FanDuel sportsbook.

A Complete Guide to Bonus Claiming

Get your FanDuel bonus quickly and easily with these steps:

  1. Visit FanDuel’s website or app. Create an account by clicking “Join Now”.
  2. Use a safe banking option to deposit $10 or more.
  3. Bet at least $5 on any sports event or game.
  4. Your bet won. Within three days, collect $150 in bonus wagers.

Bonus Bet Basics

Bonus bets differ from cash bets. Use them to bet on other sports, but you won’t get your $150 bonus back if you win. You keep bonus bet earnings.


FanDuel’s new user promo can improve sports betting. A $150 bonus lets you wager on your favorite teams and players without spending much. Participate now and win your bonus! Set betting limits and never gamble irresponsibly.