From July 1, 2021, there will be a lot of change for sports betting fans in Germany. The newly released gambling contract will mean that all online gambling (situs judi online) is now legal. This is good news as it seems but it’s not all smooth sailing.

Every day, we are overwhelmed with advertisements from game providers. Whether you’re on TV or visiting the stadium, you can do it before Corona. “Tipico” and Co. are everywhere. If the current football goalkeeper Oliver Kahn told you to place a “safe bet” in front of the camera, few would contradict him. Actually, this is true, but many “gamblers” don’t know they’re getting online in relatively illegal areas by submitting tickets. “Tipico” and many other providers are also based in Malta and can operate there without interference. This is not possible in Germany, as only Schleswig-Holstein allows competition of opportunity.

So this topic is a national issue. Anyone who lives in another federal state and engages in sports betting, at least so far, is in the legal gray area. New gambling contracts will take effect from 2021, including bets disguised as legal. In this case, the greatest attention should be paid to player protection. A central player file is created for control.

Another point of the contract is the deposit option. Starting next summer, players registered with a betting provider can deposit up to 1,000 euros “only” into their player account. To the casual gambler, this sounds like a lot of money, but a lot of common tips are used to spend a lot of money. Therefore, critics of the new gambling contracts believe that in this case each other will soon open the way to the black market. So the term “player protection” is a double-edged sword. There are also concerns that the number of gambling addicts may skyrocket due to legitimacy.

Online sports betting: changing betting contracts

However, there are many reasons why people have preferred uniform rules over the years, and sports betting has finally become legal. Just like regular casinos, this way you can better prevent and control the market. From a national perspective, you can expect high taxes, and the benefits of the booming gaming market have not escaped from politics and the economy. When it comes to online sports betting, there will be a lot of changes in people’s choices next year. Especially for live betting, previous offers are significantly reduced. Here you can only bet on the final result, next goal (e.g. football) or next set (tennis). Some sports, especially these sports

Of course, there will be long-term bets. For example, anyone betting on Arminia Bielefeld’s appreciation before the 2019/20 season should have done a good job over the past few days. On the other hand, the rise of VfB Stuttgart is already predictable. So you can place similar bets from 2021. Regardless of the new gambling contract, users must treat the market responsibly before registering. For example, you can find detailed information about sports betting on the new comparison portal and get important tips to keep in mind when placing bets.