It is very obvious that gambling tends to be the most popular sports activities nowadays. When you visit one country from another, you may actually fall into their line up of casinos. However, each country has distinct rules in terms of sports betting.

Some countries already legalized gambling. But, there are states that find this sports an illegal act.

Different Rules in Sports Betting per Country

Each country has a set unique ruling when it comes sports betting legislation. However, there is actually one thing that tends to be common with them, they are commonly based on offshore location.

Australia’s Sports Betting Rules

The gambling law in Australia is highly favorable. There is no tax deducted by online gambling sites in every winnings.

Canada’s Law in Sports Betting

Rules and laws in gambling are stated in the Canadian Criminal Code. Running or owning a betting house is actually illegal unless it is approved by the government. Moreover, placing bets on behalf of someone is also an illegal act.

Belgium’s Gambling Laws

Online sports betting operators in Belgium basically need to apply a license as a land-based operator. Aside from that, under Belgium’s Gambling Act, foreign companies who want to operate in Belgium have a required limit.