Sports Betting and Poker: Winning Online Gambling in Confinement

According to the National Gaming Authority (ANJ), sports betting and poker have grown exponentially with a 29% increase in player numbers over the past year. Dramatic for sports, the blockade period benefits the online gambling market. According to NationalAuthorityGames (ANJ), sports betting and poker have grown exponentially with a 29% increase in player numbers over the past year.


An advantage and for Extra Income

La Femis student Amaïllia took advantage of an interesting offer from a gaming platform to start betting at the start of the second imprisonment. There are many platforms, software, and different websites that offer online games, online gaming, sports betting, online casinos, and poker (see BG Casino and many more). She entered it because it was a way to spend time because it gave her extra income and she only had distance education.

18 to 24-year-olds have doubled

Many young people have been seduced since the beginning of the second imprisonment. According to ANJ, the number of 1824-year-old players more than doubled between the second and third quarters. The online betting market was € 1.6 billion, the highest betting amount in 10 years in the quarter.

Poker is back

Another big winner of the containment is poker, whose revenue is up 36% year-on-year to € 90 million, according to ANJ. Julien Huber explains that Winamax welcomed 5,000 to 6,000 new players every day in November, doubling from the same period last year.

This is still less than during the initial confinement where the platform confirmed an influx of about 10,000 new players per day. Ten years after the true golden age, this return to the poker epidemic is welcomed by areas that are struggling to attract young players.


But be careful: Sports Betting and Poker is a strategy game that requires patience and mathematical accuracy. The influx of newbies at the table helps professional players sniff out easy wins. For online bettors, the chances of addiction are not far away.

There is stress, adrenaline, and greed. When people play, they are really hooked on tricks, always checking their phones and ready to bet on the second, third, and fourth times when they find a chance.