In general, each country that legalized sports betting tends to have specific betting rules. So, it is highly crucial to check on this before jumping out to pursue your betting career. Moreover, sports betting in different countries involves different bookmakers as well.

Bookmakers on Various Country

Bookmakers are commonly found on an offshore location. However, you can still able to place bets in case the country does not allow betting. This is because the bookmakers allow you to create an account.

Perhaps, those bookmakers in the regions offer some special deal on a particular region that they are in to. That’s why it is important to properly select a bookmaker and check on the possible offers that they may employ in a specific country.

In addition to discounts, other special deals offered by bookmakers focus on targetting a specific group of people. For instance, the bookmaker attracts people who reside in a specific area. This is to be able to collect specific data?

Why is that so? It is because data is a powerful tool when it comes to the sports betting industry.

Top Five Sports Betting Countries

Here is the list of countries in which sports betting is legal and popular:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy