Sports betting has become a more popular category of online betting in recent years as a result of a Supreme Court ruling that permitted state-by-state authorization.

Sports betting is still illegal in many states and localities around the US, despite the fact that it is now permitted in too many over half of all states.

3 States that Already Legalized Sports Betting

Among the states wherein sports betting is permitted are listed below:


In April 2021, the state made sports betting legal. Since then, the rate of expansion for online gambling in Arizona has outpaced that in all other states. The state was also the first one in the nation to offer gambling inside stadiums. On September 7, 2021, the opening day of the NFL season, the sportsbooks opened for business. Since that time, Arizona’s revenue from gambling has consistently placed it among the top ten states in the nation.


Connecticut has quietly been a leading destination for the growth of sports betting in recent years, in part because to tribal gambling ambitions and a number of sizable independent casinos, like Foxwoods. The state has allowed sports betting since October 20, 2021.


Indiana’s sports betting industry has shown to be thriving in the upper Midwest. As of this time, Indiana has took the fifth-highest amount of bets in the country, in part due to its swift decision to implement a controlled sports betting system. There are now 13 sportsbooks operating in Indiana.