A few weeks ago, during the European Football Championship, they were once again very popular. It is a soccer betting game via the Internet. The principle of the game is very simple. A few people, usually a group of colleagues and friends, sign up for a special website and bet on each other in championship games. The person who guesses most games correctly wins. The game is free and is almost always a harmless pastime with no wins or few prizes. The fun is at the forefront.


Amateurs are often right when betting on football

If you’ve ever participated in a betting game like this, you’ll find that many people don’t watch football all year long, not the football experts they think are right. It may have been. , Or only for Europe and the World Cup.

This everyday experience alone shows that “technical knowledge” is less important than the possibility of someone guessing the outcome of a soccer match correctly. Of course, the same applies to other sporting events. In fact, gambling addicts have long agreed that sports betting is luck and therefore a game of chance.

If someone believes that betting is advantageous because they know a particular sport, this is a dangerous misconception and can tempt them to pay more.


A summary survey published by scientists at the University of Hamburg and the University of Bremen

A survey by scientists at the University of Hamburg and the University of Bremen recently confirmed that in sports betting, it is largely a coincidence who decides who will win. rice field. Scientists have examined a total of nine so-called “typing studies” for their research. This is a study that investigated the prediction of the outcome of sports and game events. The results of almost all studies were clear: whether someone has previous knowledge of each sport plays almost no role in the accuracy of the prognosis. This “ineffectiveness” was evident in various sports.

Therefore, the scientist’s conclusion is: Sports betting should be clearly categorized as a game of chance and regulated accordingly.

By the way, the risk of losing control of betting behavior is especially noticeable for club athletes.


Beware of sports betting ads

During the European Football Championship, some newspaper articles joked that Germany has 83 million national football coaches. Not many people think they know football, but there are many. First of all, that’s perfectly fine. Unless you’re enthusiastic about penalties and free kicks and spending money on the expected expertise, it’s even more fun to know it better than anyone else.

In EM 2021, we also looked at how closely some edited sports content is related to sports betting ads. For example, on the famous weekly newspaper website, you can see the odds of winning sports betting offers just below the displayed score. One-click is enough and you will be taken to the gambling offer page where you can place your bet. In online media, this short route to sports betting roughly corresponds to tangible alcohol. Refrigerator beer is literally closer than pub beer, and pocket smartphones are closer than the nearest bettor. Visit for more online slot casinos.