Covid-19 hit every industry right to its core. Even 918Kiss and other gaming businesses are not exempted and were forced to cancel their operations. For instance, the Euro 2020 tournament has been put on a halt until June 2021 while Japan Olympics are delayed until July 23, 2021.

Much like other sectors, gambling industry faced unforeseen challenges while Covid-19 keeps damaging different businesses and industries. With tons of restrictions as well as other parts of the biggest states in quarantine, numerous lower league teams face financial challenges and this reduced the markets and sports that bettors could choose from.

Are there Benefits brought by Covid-19?

On the other hand, the great thing is, major tourneys and leagues across Europe are still available among avid players to make their bets. Furthermore, on top websites, you’ll find several sports such as eSports where you players can wager.

While majority of the things that took place nowadays seem to be for the worst, it does not mean that we can just easily forego of the silver lining that this pandemic has brought us. Believe it or not, many sports betting operators and casinos alike are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Trends and Diversification

Because of Covid-19, a lot of different sportsbooks over the market are forced to start offering casino games too. Having said that, nearly all betting sites have casino games available such as:

  • Live dealers
  • Scratch Cards
  • Table Games
  • Poker and;
  • Slot Machines

When most of the live events put on hold while others are cancelled, many bettors start searching for other alternatives to fulfill their betting needs.

Casino games were the sole available option. As for diehard fans, there were tons of virtual sports where they can wager on. This trend keeps on growing and sometime in the future, nearly every gambling site will be offering sports betting, casino games and eSports. This is basically an awesome news to casino software providers for they’ll definitely increase their customer base and of course, profits.

Surge in Fantasy Sports and eSports

In the early periods of 2020, there are countless of sporting events that were impacted by the lockdown and restrictions set by the government. Thus, all attention was focused on fantasy sports and eSports. Online sports betting operators have seen this trend and began including daily and virtual fantasy sports into their gaming options. Right now, plenty of sports bettors are placing their bets on various eSports games and fantasy sports rather than on live events.