There are different ways of betting, different game systems and, of course, very different sports. Sports lovers know the term handicap mainly from golf but this handicap has nothing to do with the handicap bet.

In the handicap bet, the supposedly weaker team gets a goal or point advantage. This advantage is given by the bookmaker such as SA Gaming Casino. In most cases, the weaker team is given a goal lead. The special feature is that even if the game ends in a draw, the bet is considered won.

UFABET betting: What does that mean exactly?

The easiest way to explain the handicap bet is with the example of a soccer bet. If two teams meet here, the team that plays away usually gets the handicap. Usually, they get one goal ahead, with opponents from different leagues it can be two goals. However, there are also teams that play so well that they don’t get a head start in an away game.

If the team with the handicap loses the game, but the handicap goal results in a tie, the bet is usually considered won. The bet is usually only valid for regular playing time, overtime or even a penalty shoot-out are not included.

UFABET betting: Why play handicap bets at all?

Many are now wondering why handicap bets should be of interest to the player at all.UFABET betting

There are two main reasons for this:

  • Better odds
  • Uncertainty

Players who are convinced that their team will win can of course not only bet on the supposedly weaker part of the handicap bet. It is more difficult for the favourite to win with the handicap. This also improves the betting odds and in the event of a win despite a handicap, the profit is significantly higher. So if you are sure that your team will win, you can use the handicap bet to increase the odds in your own favour.

In most cases, however, it is uncertainty that leads someone to make this bet. Because of course, the chances of victory for the losing team are so much better. So if you are simply unsure, you will be well served with a handicap bet.