A long time ago, staking wagers on outcomes of horse races was the only type of sports betting activity that punters worldwide enjoyed as gambling entertainment. Historically though, gambling is very much a part of Asian culture. Various sporting events like lottery, boat races, cycling tournaments and other sporting events with nationwide and later international followings became options for betting in Asian countries. Actually, one of the most popular types of betting not only in Asia but also internationally, is the Handicap Betting, which originated in Indonesia.

What Exactly is Asian Handicap Betting and Why Is It Popular?

Indonesia is a mixed-race Asian country where most people have roots that are strongly linked to gambling culture. In fact, the earlier proponents of gambling activities in the country developed a betting system that gave staking wagers on weaker teams an attractive gambling proposition.
Called Asian Handicap Betting, a handicap is recognized if there is a perceived edge favoring any of the competing teams of a sports match. In both football teams achieved zero goals, the zero score nullifies the betting proposition. This makes the bets refundable or stakeable on other sports betting lines. A draw is also not acceptable as outcome of a football match, since no winner has been declared.

Handicap betting also aims to even out the chances of winning from bets staked on less popular teams even if the odds of winning are stacked against them. Here, a bookmaker offering a handicap betting line of 0:5 means the wealer or team deemed less likely to win, starts with a score of 5, while the stronger opponent starts with a zero score. The 5-point starting score creates an edge over the stronger team, which if maintained or gets higher at the end of the sporting event will definitely spell a win for the handicap bettor.

If the popular team wins and achieves a score of 6 goals, then winnings and wagers can be claimed accordingly. However, if the popular team finished the competition with 5 goals, the result is a draw while the wagers are merely refundable for punters who participated in the related betting match. If it won with a final score of 4 or less, wagers placed on the team likewise do not win because 5 is the recognized threshold of the handicap betting proposition.

Evolution of Sports Betting in Asian Countries Paved the Way for the Popularity of Online Gambling

Certain historical events brought forth conditions that made several Asian governments take notice of rising poverty levels due to gambling addiction.

As a remedy, lawmakers in several Asian countries , promulgated laws banning all types of gambling activities in the country. This is especially true even in Indonesia, as the country later became a predominantly Muslim nation that must adhere to Islamic laws that ban gambling activities.
Nowadays however, sporting competitions take place as highly-anticipated athletic events across the globe. That being the case, providers of advanced online betting platforms developed technologies that enable Asian customers to place bets, as well as gamble online safely and responsibly. Doing so gave Asian gamblers secure and highly-regulated platforms that monitor and curb potentials for gambling addiction.

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