In South Korea, unsafe toto sites prey on enthusiastic gamblers who want to win more than what the government’s Sports Toto and Sports Proto offers as prizes. Fortunately there is a community of verifiers who use their expertise and experience to determine if a sports betting site or an online casino is an anjeonhan toto or 안전한 토토 (safe toto).

It’s common for online sports betting plafforms operating without sanction of the Korean government, to offer sign up bonuses and rebates on lost wagers. The problem however, is that many of these toto sites are being run by “eat-and-run” operators. While the bonus money can generate credits that can be claimed as winnings, they cannot be withdrawn until after a player meets the wagering requirement of betting or playing with real money.

How Does the Eat-and-Run Ploy Work?

While wagering requisite is true even in legitimate toto sites, the betting systems of “eat-and-run” operators are rigged in such a way that customers are destined to lose the amounts previously credited as winnings. In the long run, the toto site slowly eats away whatever winnings and real money deposited by a gambler in his account.

Seasoned Korean gamblers participating as the toto community’s eat-and-run watchdogs, have devised ways of protecting other Korean gamblers against the “eat-and-run” operators. They verify the major toto betting sites, especially those that have many active users who place bets on major international sporting events, including esports competitions. The initial sign that a toto website is the lack of a domain name for its betting platform. Have awareness that in the Internet space, unscrupulous individuals are known to cybersquat. It’s a term referring to the unauthorized registration and use of a domain name that a website is already using, Scam sports toto site also resort to using the company logo, and trademark of a legitimate sports betting website.

Verifiers checkout user reviews and feedback of gaming systems certification and fairness-guarantee organizations. The unfair and unsafe playgrounds will be fully revealed once the verifiers dig into databases to find out about the history, the track record and other information related to the reputation and activities of the operator.

Once the safe playgrounds have been identified, the eat-and-run verfiers create an easy to access and understand list of safe toto sites and safe online gambling playgrounds.

Some companies render “eat-and-run” verification as a service, to which the verification of online gambling website is only one sector. However, since online gambling is not legal in South Korea, some other entities simply perform background reviews and database checking as bases for making recommendations.

Experts check a site’s safety and reliability to protect you against malicious sites and hacked websites. It will prevent losses and ensure that you’re using a legitimate site.