Betting on sports betting house through investing in it is the best way to make money through it. Below are some of the ways of investing in this kind of betting market.

Investing through Sportsbook App

Sportsbook are companies that are directly imvolved in sports betting. Checking out on them allows bettor to put their money down there. DraftKings, Flutter, and Rush Street Interactive are some of the examples of this kind of companies.

Gaming Companies

Gaming companies are popularly known as the casinos. Mostly, these gaming companies utilize sportsbook whether online or on-site. However, if you prefer to invest on this, you would also be investing on hotels and gambling. This means that your concentration for sports betting would be divided. MGM and Las Vegas Sands are popular examples of gaming companies where you can invest into.

Gaming ETFs

ETF is the best way of exposure into the sports betting sector. One of the top player here is the Roundhill Sports Betting and iGaming ETF or BETZ.


A great icon in the sports betting industry, horse racing gives you a well traded option in public.

Tech Providers

There are companies that supports the technology of gaming. The good news is you can also invest into these kind of companies.