Football betting in Thailand continues to intensify as the 2020 UEFA Champions Leagues heads to a final playoff between England and Italy. A recent study conducted by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation shows that an estimated 2.4 million Thais are into football betting. Yet the number is likely to increase since the country’s football lovers are also keeping a close watch on the 2021 Asian AFC Champions League, which also kicked off in June and is scheduled to culminate in November.

About the England vs. Italy 2020 Euro Final


Both the Italian and English football clubs have strong motivations to win the Euro Champion title. Italy won its first Euro title in 1968, but since then has been twice prevented from adding another to the Euro Champion title won 53 years ago.

England on the other hand is vying to win its first European trophy. The match with Italy is actually the first time the English football club made it to the UEFA finals, after losing several semi-final playoffs in the past decades since 1968.

England’s strong determination to prevail and triumph in the semi-final round against Denmark was an absolute thrill to watch. The Danes did everything they could to stop the Three Lions from entering the final game at Wembley Stadium tomorrow, July 11. The semi final win against Denmark all the more made England the favorite to win the 2020 UEFA Championship title.

Some Betting Info to Consider for the England vs. Italy Final

England and italy football teams have previously faced each other in various matches for a total of 27 times. Eleven of which were won by Italy, England won 8 while 8 games ended in draws.

As far as major football tournaments are concerned, Italy has always managed to win in a match against England, namely in the playoff for third place in the 1990 FIFA World Cup and in the group stage final playoff of the 2014 Euro Champions League.

While tomorrow’s game is England’s first as a finalist of the Euro Champions League, the English football club has had its first major tournament final bout in the 1996 FIFA World Cup but lost to West Germany.

Some Betting Advice for New Football Bettors

Those new to football betting in Thailand should also know the importance of placing your bets on football betting sites that offer the most competitive betting markets on whatever football tournaments are being offered. Since gambling in whatever form is illegal in Thailand, it would be wise to use the services of an online gambling operator that use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) as this communication technology encrypts all messages; particularly betting transactions placed with a football betting site.

That way, Internet Service Providers will not be able to track communications pertaining to football betting or for that matter, any kind of gambling-related exchange of messages.

Actually football betting is only one of the popular gambling activities played by Thailand’s gambling fanatics. Online baccarat for one has also emerged as a favorite gaming choice because the play is fast-paced and easy.

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